It’s 2.52 am…

….at the moment.Like all good children I should be in bed.But I’m stuck with a particular Java code which refuses to execute properly.On top of that I am hungry and images of alu paratha and shahi paneer loom large in front of my eyes.This is not helping.It’s so damn distracting.Yes,I admit without fearing that i’d branded a lunatic that I want to go to Azad Hind Dhaba or Pappe di Hatti RIGHT NOW. Where is my blue car??

Looking forward to tomorrow.It’s going to be fun,especially meeting two people after a really long time.Well,let’s put it this way.It’s not like I haven’t met them in these four years.But it’s going to be real fun to see these people together-just how they walk,talk,interact,communicate,(if at all they choose to open their mouths in each others’ vicinity).

That reminds me of a birthday party at a certain club a few years back.The same two people.In  completely different circumstances.And now meeting them tomorrow.Whatever S says,there are some things that never goes out of your mind.However,irrational,illogical it seems,you just can’t seem to get over it.Same goes for the desire to see those two people together.(Wow! what a match-maker I am! At 3 am at night.dedication dude)

Yawn! I think this particular program doesn’t like me.hence I decide that I should go to sleep and be not bugged further by vicious codes of enormous lengths and questionable efficiency.Hence

au revoir

Bonne nuit.

p.s: I forgot to mention.Was asked by a friend-name 5 foods you will dig for even in deathbed.Here goes:

1> Paneer-in various forms especially shahi,methi,palak,matar,butter,bhuji,kadai,chilli,manchurian…..

2> roti(tandoori)/paratha(aloo paratha/paneer paratha)/kulcha(cheese and garlic)/naan(masala)

3> dal makhani/kali dal



…can I please extend it?


6> Pau bhaji(especially the ones at Bombay Shiv Sagar)

7>Paneer Patti at Subway

8>Crispy chilli baby corn-the ones at Bar B Q

9>Posto-in all forms.and taker dal (sour dal)

10>Chocolates.yes.good old-fashioned chocolates.



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