There’s something so inherently nice about old friends.And the high it gives when we meet then after such a long time!

I remember when I saw Sreya walking towards me,or Swetha’s face,contorted in a laugh and Vinay towering over her with Shray jumping and shaking his head and doing whatnot and Abhishek and Ritwik and Diviyani,I felt this mad mad rush of happiness.I wanted to run towards them and hug them tightly so that they never never ever go away.It was heavenly.

Friends.old friends.new friends.good friends.’hi-hello’ friends.phone-friends.chat-friends.penfriends.friends friends.everywhere.they keep the world going.keeps it from disintegrating into pieces in these turbulent times.I remember Viany saying …yeh best friends kucchh nehi hota yaar…sab good friends hain..sab mere yaar hain..i love all..agar apas mein koi problem bhi hui toh bhi we will stay friends….each friend of mine is a best friend…

And I reflect on them.Maybe he has a point.Maybe.Everybody’s special.in one way or the other.We just cannot compare their specialities.

Love you all.thankyou for being there.all old and new and would-be friends.

p.s: I DESPERATELY need a BREAK. I need a proper VACATION.


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