I don’t know if I like the rain or not.

I love it when it comes pelting down after a scorching summer.I love it when I’m walking on the road.Aain I hate it if I’m walking down the road,alone.I hate it in the afternoon,when I’m holed up in my room.Or when I’m in college.I love it at night.I love it when I’m watching it through tinted glasses or from inside an air-conditioned room.I hate the rain when I’m inside a mall.I love watching it from inside Golpark CCD….

I can’t figure out how I react to it at Park Street.I love it so much that it gives me goosebumps.I love the wind hitting my face.The raindrops.The cool air which has a very distinct characteristic smell when you inhale it.I bloody hate it sometimes.With a fervor,a passion.I hate it that it looks so depressingly beautiful.Hate the fact that it makes my inside go hollow,a feeling of loneliness and isolation creeps in,irrespective of the number of people I’m surrounded with.I hate the fact that I love it too much to let it go.This is what that place comes to me.It confounds me,muddles my senses.I walk round and round but still cannot get the hang of the place.What about it haunts me so much.

I just figured out that the rain looks amazing from Haldiram’s first floor.Especially if you’re surrounded with friends.It just looks breathtaking.Here’s a photo I snapped today at Gariahat.



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