“Mere paas…mere paas Pardada, Dadima AUR Baap Hain…”

This might sound outrageous but I think I have nothing personal against dynastic politics as long as it is clean politics and good governance.

(And when I say ‘dynastic politics’ I do not mean dictatorship under the garb of democracy because my idea/brand of dynastic politics will never violate human rights and the constitution. Remember, I said ‘clean politics and good governance’. )

Dear Youth Leader,

I am not against you becoming the country’s next premier. Hell! If you are even 20% the farmer/Dalit-friendly politician that you make yourself out to be, you have my unconditional support.

And I swear your dimpled smile has got nothing to do with my decision.

But don’t break my heart by letting the coterie around you treat the prime minister’s chair as your grandmother’s legacy.

Because then I will get pissed. And many others like me will get pissed. And it’s not a sensible idea to piss us off. It’s never been.

And if it’s not you or your party, the alternative plain makes me shudder.  😦


Supremely Confused Young Voter


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