“….I’m just lookin’ for a dear, dear friend of mine…”

In my dream family, Russell Hammond will be the prodigal son (of my parents that is) who nobody talks about in the house and who I am forbidden to meet. He’d be the brother I’d have dim recollections of because he ran away when I was six. I’d meet him again many many years later at a cheap Irish pub. He’d smile a crooked smile I’d fall in love with and his eyes would lit up maniacally when we talk about music or doing something new, something no one has tried before, going someplace no one has gone before and just laugh and be blissfully clueless and beautifully random.

He’d be exactly the sort of person in my life my parents would strongly disapprove of and we will make it a point to hang out more often than they’d like just to piss them off and get a good kick out of it. He’d be the person who will not question why I did what I did but will laugh and play good music that will make me smile.

P.S: He’d also be the brother I’d die fighting incestuous feelings for but let’s pass on that.


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