Why is it that…

…. men will go to any extent to justify their actions but will hesitate to give/ not give the women a chance to explain themselves?

…..having XY chromosomes render them incapable of being a little less like…say ”men” and a little more, say, considerate?

Why are men so like…”men”?

PS: Also Johnny Castle was impatient, ill-tempered, rude in an unsexy way, a bad teacher who never laughed at his student’s screwups and had a terrible sense of humor. He is so not my idea of The One.  (Though I admit, “”Nobody puts Baby in a corner,” always gives me goosebumps. ). The world is  not meant to ever be inhabited by Richard Castle or Bruce Wayne type men and yet we believe whatever crap the writers, producers and God in general have always been feeding us since time immemorial.  No wonder we are such a screwed up sex.


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