Bazinga-ed! (Only this time the joke is on *me* )

Okay this is NUTS. First Neil Patrick Harris and now Jim Parsons? Really? What is wrong with the world? Why is it suddenly running out of men who can at least pass for eligible bachelors?

Twenty minutes into the first episode of the first season of How I Met Your Mother and I was head over heels in love with NPH. And of course given the blinking idiot I am, I couldn’t for once imagine that someone who plays the notoriously single Barney Stinson on screen would not play for my team. (yes yes sneer much. I know Wikipedia was there to spare me the troubles of nursing a broken heart later but hey! Logic takes a backseat when hormones rage through your body cupid’s arrow hits your butt.). So when I came to know that he has a David Burtka in his life with whom he also shares his apartment and this isn’t exactly one of the best kept secrets in Hollywood, it was a double whammy- I had fallen for the wrong guy and have been in the dark all this while when the whole world had been laughing at me (solid amount of absolutely pointless exaggeration but you get the drift don’t you?)

Then I met found Jim Parsons and oh boy! Was it love at first sight episode or what?! I believe I am the only woman I know who has an actual crush on him-not a geeky crush, but a heartbeat-pulse rate escalating, furiously blushing, all-consuming love crush. And this time I diligently Wiki-ed and Google-d and found no indication of the presence of a man/woman in his life. This guy seemed like a goddamn saint but hey I can live with THAT!

But no. I don’t learn that I should not settle for love till reality comes to bite me in the rear. He had to burst my bubble my proposing to his long-time boyfriend Todd Spiewak right after winning his first Emmy; to add fuel to fire he declared that this was the best way he could imagine celebrating his win, while I sat and licked my wounds which have been rubbed with export quality corrosive salt many times.

Wtf is wrong with the scores of Hollywood gossip magazines, tabloids, Twitter etc? They can give you info on anything from which bimbo starlet is wearing bunny slippers to what party which to which nondescript shoddy restaurants assistant director’s ex-girlfriend dines at (now THIS is no exaggeration I swear.) but they deem this little bit of information not worthy enough to reveal? (on a different planet in a different century I’d have defended their move of protecting celeb privacy but not now. THIS is war. )

Now don’t get the idea that I am homophobic. Two of my closest friends are homosexuals waiting for the right opportunity to come out and one of them is, in all probability, my future roommate (provided I don’t shoot him before for hitting on any guy *I* like) All I am saying is that is this a colossal joke on the part of nature that first we had competition from the same sex and now we also have the opposite sex to worry about???? 😐

P.S: NPH and David Burtka have eventually made it to my list of favorite celeb couples and I wish them all success with their approaching parenthood. But I am holding it against you, you biologically superior homo novus, William Shatner of theoretical physics –this I will take long time to come back from x-(.

You were right god; Hell is real. *much dramatized sigh*


2 responses to “Bazinga-ed! (Only this time the joke is on *me* )

  • Debtanu Das

    What can I say? You are a gay magnet…:P
    Well at least with respect to the American sit-com stars…..
    Cheer up. There are plenty of other fish in the sea….
    And if you are bored of fish you can always switch to chicken (if you know what i mean) 😉 😛

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