When my father was young, he made a mistake. He befriended a hardcore IIT embryo.

Waking up to an angry IIT professor almost barking at you over the phone, asking you to solve college standard solid geometry problems in the wee hours of the morning is NOT my idea of how a Sunday morning should start. Stifling yawn after yawn, rubbing eyes vigorously till you swear they will pop out, figuring out what bad karma has resulted in such mental torture, muttering not-so apologetic ‘excuse me’-s while you search for a pen in the dumpster you call a desk while the bloodsucking gorilla man on the other side of the phone is getting more and more impatient by the minute—this is the epic tale of endurance in a nutshell. And it doesn’t help that the mother kept a resentful vigilance on you all this while and shaking her head in disbelief while you tried to remember on what planet and in which century you were taught ‘theorem number 23 stating isosceles dodecahedron….”. For god’s sakes, that man’s a freaking genius (I am assuming they didn’t recruit him because he made solid donations. As if they will need that. The revenue these guys generate could feed one-fourth of the country’s ever-burgeoning population and still leave enough to sponsor the students’ cycles which they use to reach one on-campus illegal secret watering hole to another their classes).

Solution after solution was rejected; both of us started losing temper; he not so subtly while I was too sleepy to care. (I am guessing he might have even cracked a few caustic jokes at my really really unwitting expense). After a precious half an hour of my life had been wasted (during which I’d have performed some act of earth-shattering importance like lifting my semi-comatose body from the bed to the couch) I came up with something. After a much resentful acceptance, man decided to put me out of my misery and hung up after a somewhat abrupt and unceremonious ‘ok bye. Let me see if it’s ok. Call me if you find something new’.

*Yeah, like your ass. *

I have a whole new outlook on life now. Only yesterday virtual dad I and I were busy making a 2.5 Mb Excel spreadsheet listing qualities I want in The One. But today all that is thrown down the gutter. All I want now is ‘not a bad guy’. My idea of bad? Any person who wakes me up before 9 in the morning. General rule of thumb is person like aforementioned man.

Life is simple. So much feel good!   *yes….dripping with sarcasm…what was your first clue genius?*


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