Rant.just plain rant of zero literary merit.not a good idea to beat writer’s block.

I am a remarkably easy-going person to live with. I do not interfere in other people’s lives unless they want me to or the situation demands that I do. I even go to the extent of showing a calculated lack of enthusiasm about others’ lives, sometimes deliberate and most often, naturally. I always try really hard to not pass judgments or make snide comments about any aspect of others’ lives. I adapt quite well to changes and am a remarkably adjustive person. I am full of good advice, with a calm head making me a wonderful person to rely on during any sort of crisis. I can be easily shanghaied into doing things I hate by people I love and I don’t complain; to put it this way, I am too lazy to complain. A wonderfully simple, uncomplicated person with simple tastes and almost nonexistent demands is what I am. I can go on and on about my virtues till it starts grating on your nerves. And I am not exaggerating at all. If you’re my roommate, you will in seventh heaven for the rest of your stay.


Yes like in all good things, there is also quite a big ‘but’ here. Sometimes, I turn a little obnoxious to the point of you wanting to kick the hell out of me. I am rude and deliberately mean enough to make your life really uncomfortable. I get cranky and unreasonable. And I cannot stand it when someone tries to encroach upon my space. The last point is one of the main reasons why none of my past relationships worked out. I detest people trying to take control of my life, trying to make my decisions and god forbid, if a person keeps on telling me what to do and not, he/she stands to lose a limb. That said, I am almost always remarkably docile and polite to people who’re in a position of authority. I rarely lose my temper but when I do I do not remain a very nice person. There are thoughts which I have thought in a fit of irrational rage and I don’t want anyone else to ever think that. I mean if I had the power of mind-reading and found someone thinking those stuff, I’d have brought a gun and shot him/her down. I get along really really well with my parents most of the time. And with most other people. But sometimes, I argue for the sake of arguing. Or I argue because I don’t agree with something and people saying ‘let it be’ doesn’t really go down well with me. Or sometimes I just like messing with people and argue. Or I don’t like someone and argue. Argue the crap out of people and myself till reason just drops out of the conversation for good. Sometimes I couldn’t care less about people, about anything under the sun. Sometimes I just sit back in a zombie state and stare while everything around me just spins out of control.

There is no reason behind making this pointless exercise. I have terrible writer’s block and to make me feel nice my friend suggested I write something good about myself followed by something bad. But of course looking at the length of the second paragraph I am feeling anything but nice. Excuse me people while I go yell at aforementioned friend for his well-meant but hairbrained plan.


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