Itsy bitsy post ( to save the blog from dying an untimely death)

Both my mother and I have bloodthirsty instincts and it keeps getting stronger everyday, much to my father’s distress. We do not flinch from discussing the grisliest of murders, their motives, evidences and even go to great lengths, constructing and deconstructing the crime scene. My mother even goes to the extent  of making statements like “…now if I stick this knife through your dad’s stomach..” with the father throwing us dirty looks which we happily ignore.

I am planning to make her watch Dexter some time soon. I am all for freaking her out, pushing her, just to see how much she can take before she starts slamming me, calling me a freak 😀

Life is a lot more blissful and peaceful than it used to be even a couple of months back. Now that there are only three months to go before I get to leave this shithole I call college (provided they don’t flunk me this time for abysmal attendance records). Life is about books, movies, television, essays, work for the magazine, learning new languages, brushing up French, going out, meeting new people and all. Free flow and exchange of ideas, thoughts and perceptions are taking place. I realised I have spent about ten grands on books alone and the bank balance is depleted enough for me to contemplate suicide or robbing a bank (whichever’s easier). But well, I choose this over spending money on alcohol and other stuff and passing out in hospital loos any day.

James Franco is total sighness. When he wears geeky glasses with unkempt beard and recites poetry in a cafe. When he cuts his arm to save his life. When he dons his superhero outfit and fights his best friend. That guy did his honors, got four masters degree, is now studying for his PhD from Yale, has enrolled for a course in reputed art college, gets his book of short stories published, gives classes to students of film studies, exhibits his paintings, acts in Broadway, models for Gucci and still manages to get an Oscar nomination.

My friend I called him a ‘show off'”. A bloody effing brilliant one at that. I like show offs who HAVE something to show off. And are hot with disarming smiles.  “Holy holy holy……” ..dude the way he recites the Kaddish.


So there, dear blog. I haven’t abandoned you. not yet.


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