Because it’s 2 am and i am reading chick lit which talks about sappy things and Eva Cassidy is taking my breath away..

I am looking for a man. An essentially happy man. A reliable, trustworthy, easygoing, sensible, tactful, fun-loving, smart, witty man. Who loves to travel. And is not snooty. He should be a damn good friend to whoever he considers his friend. He should be able to enjoy truly funny non-malicious jokes made at his expense. And will know how to make a comeback. He should be able to take people by surprise-good kind of surprise. He should know how to talk; not too cocky, not extremely sure of himself so that he isn’t open to suggestions and accepts other people’s views, not rude and definitely not whiny. He shouldn’t have a meek week voice if you know what I mean- he can be soft spoken; I like soft spoken men who don’t need to raise their voices to make themselves heard. But he should be like someone who knows when he is speaking, people will look up to him and take him seriously.

Good to look at-not that oh-god-i-just-had-a-mini-orgasm-looking-at-him kind of good looks( I wouldn’t mind that though. But men with mental-orgasmic inducing good looks generally tend to be a little cocky and obnoxious on the whole, though I am willing to be proven otherwise)

Yeah so this happy and satisfied man should be well-read, very well-read indeed. A double bonus if he is good in sports. But non-compliance with the criteria of being well-read means he is not the man I am looking for. He should be simple and uncomplicated, honest and truthful. He should have the guts to stand up for what he believes and is willing to accept criticism and admit his mistakes. Most importantly he can think his own thoughts and not merely parrot what peals of wisdom generations of men and women in his family had handed down to him.

And he should be nice. Really nice. Not the smarmy cheesy kind of niceness. The niceness that makes you smile even when you aren’t looking.

I realized that I like nice people. I really really like nice people. even if they are only people from the tv.


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