To the villain,

To the man, who showed the world that tough times bring out the best and the worst in everyone and it is entirely up to us to decide which instinct we will let dominate.

To the man, who stuck to his duties, responsibilities and did not shirk them even when he got the chance to; even when the whole world was at his throat.

To the man, who trudged along, alone in the dark, fell and picked himself up.

To the man, who’s given me the courage to make the right choices and stick to them no matter what happens, no matter how tough the going gets and no matter what I stand to lose.

To the man, who did not want to live the life he had to live but continued to do so because of some apparently inexplicable, unflinching, unfailing sense of honor and duty.

To the man, who knew truth aint everything. and did all it takes to reward people’s faiths.

To the man who endured, who lived long enough to become the outcast. The villain.

To the man, who is the hero we need. and deserve.

Dear Mr. Bruce Wayne

Thank you for everything.

It’s been an honor knowing you.


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