Sad life I have.

What do you call someone who knows he/she is being stupid and is being taken for a ride and knows that absolutely nothing good will come out of something that he/she is doing and is fully aware of the fact that the person on the other side is a>lying b>making fun of him/her c>taking his/her trip d>pretending e>all of these and still will continue to do it JUST BECAUSE he/she is clearly enjoying the process of being taken for a ride?

THAT.was a rather long sentence.and if you are as jobless as Yours Truly, you’ll probably figure out what I am trying to ask and actually sit down and contemplate finding out an answer. and if you do, do let me know. People who have my number can text/call me and explain. Others please leave a comment. I’d like to see each one of your takes on the aforementioned issue.


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