Ek Chhoti Si Love Story. Itni chhoti ki paisa wasool nahin hoga.

Random Guy from Phoren Bank or RGFB as he shall henceforth be known as called me up in the afternoon while I sat in the lab watching the prof patiently dissing every single line of the 1000 line program which my lab partner had painstakingly nicked from somebody’s pendrive and spent one sleepless night editing. The prof also put big angry red crosses on the assignment which pissed me off immensely as he had to pay 20 rupees to print it and in the process, I was denied a certain treat for something. But then I digress.

So here goes.

RGFB(cautious voice): Hello.


RGFB:who is this?

YT(fighting back an urge to say Mallika Sherawat..don’t ask me why): You called! Whom do you want to talk to?

(Come to think of it, the last line sounds kinda kinky no? Dressed in gorgeous black negligée, when somebody whispers into the phone…”whom do you want to talk to?/who do you want it to be?”…but then I again digress.)

RGFB: No, I mean is this  *insert YT’s name*?

YT: Yes. Who is this?

RGFB: You don’t know me.

YT(wonders whether it was a question or a statement and how to reply best): Umm..who are you?

RGFB: umm…I know you. ( Whoa! I have a personal stalker now! But they don’t ‘umm’, do they?)

I even have a pink Mickey Mouse toothbrush. Where are you stalker?

YT: Who is this?

RGFB: We met in JU once.

YT(wonders which amongts the numerous people/whacked out pyschos she’s met in JU over the past four years has actually been nice enough to remember her name and save her number and call her) : Ok. Who is this?

RGFB: Umm…do you remember that day?

YT:(convinced it is one of those junkies who taught her to play teen patti): No. Who is this?

(Btw, have you noticed I had asked this question 6 times so far? Next time, a stalker calls, I should get it recorded and play)

RGFB: I had gone there for a survey.

YT(huh?aren’t you my junkie stalker?survey of who gets high on what?): huh?

RGFB: Yes. I came for a survey from the *insert phoren bank’s name and let your imagination run wild guessing* bank.

YT(Damn. bank survey guy.not cool stalker a la Johnny Depp): Yes. what do you want?

(Go on say it you want me to open an account with you…err..a bank account that is…excuse me I need to go slap myself)

RGFB:Na maane…do you remember me?

YT(seriously are you that desperate?): yes yes. (benign smile)

RGFB: Okay. So…

YT: What.do.you.want?

(7th time it  is. Keep track okay? I don’t have to prove any point. I just want to waste your time)

RGFB: I have something to inform you of.

YT(conjuring up images of mysterious unheard-of rich grandfather dying and leaving 10000….000 rupees in my account): Yes?

RGFB: No..thing is..

YT: yes? what do you want? (tell me I am rich dammit)

RGFB: Okay. no point wasting time. Thing is I want to make friendship with you.


No hot psycho stalker. No rich grandpa bequeathing me some money. Just a loser ‘banker dude’ to ‘mek phrendship wit me’. Why me,I wonder? Am I hot? Cool?Both? Rich? Tall and Thin?Do I have ‘hot and desperate’ written all over my face? [In that case, where is Barney Stinson? 🙂 ] I sat through the lab pondering why exactly he wants to ‘mek phrendship wit me’ and had half a mind calling him up to clarify it.

Oh btw, ‘romantic phrendship call’ ended with me saying ‘okay I am in a lab now and I dont want to make friendship with you’. Which was inappropriate come to think of it; I think it translated to ‘But when I come out, I can!‘ in the poor guy’s dictionary because he promtly asked me ‘Okay, When can I call then?’. At which point I hung up. Because the prof. had asked me some inane question on classless IP addressing.Why else do you think I’d hang up on ‘hot,sexy,hansum, myself Rocky dude types hotshot banker guy?

Seriously, am I THAT big a loser?


3 responses to “Ek Chhoti Si Love Story. Itni chhoti ki paisa wasool nahin hoga.

  • Amrita Roy

    aha the poor soul must still be translating from his English=Bengali dictionary.

    oh you cruel girl 😛

    -may you forever bash these kinds

  • whatsinaname

    Me no cruel I swear :(. The blame must rest squarely on the prof who HAD to interfere! Or else, who do you think I’d choose to listen to? A fifty-five year old, balding, pot-bellied, perennially cranky man with an ugly mole on his neck or hotshot ‘Rocky’ dude?

    At least the I-work-in-a-bank-and-therefore-you-get-wonderful-loan-facilities-etcetera thing was incentive enough!

  • Amrita Roy

    aaah yes! *smacks self*

    I just noticed your prof.’s question about classless IP addressing … took me back to my Forouzan days 🙂

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