Hor(ror)moan…okay bunk it.

I just had a comforting realization.

That when you do/think of/want to do/all of them something irrational/dumb/both and seriously need to blame something/someone for the mess/impending mess/imaginary mess you have created, you can always fall back on your hormones. Hormones at midnight are hands down perfect substitutes for scream walls on any given day. Hormones spare you from having to clench your teeth, bite your lips (in a zero-seductive manner in case you were imagining) and get hurt in the process for all the incredible stupidity. Most of them are learning experiences I never ever regret; they were a part of growing up( these are some of the seriously lame pseudo-deep statements I shall often make to make you realize how deep and thoughtful I really am…sorry again, I am generally not this paranoid…just a little hormonal now boss!).

All my life I have heard people sometimes blaming their hormones squarely for everything and never could imagine I’d be doing that in a few years to come. But now I know better. Hormones I like..love. Now when somebody makes that what-the-fuck face at me/shouts at me/ignores me for my stupidity/does all the aforementioned three, I can just smile smugly and with that nonchalant shrug say…Shob hormoner khela babu..I am hormonal…it happens…ki ar kora?…yada yada.

I have done the unthinkable. I have had a peaceful reconciliation with the 7th standard Biology chapter on hormones.

I should seriously do something about something.

For starters, I should stop using too much of slashes. No point taking it out on this silly little post and slashing your way through it. I shall apologize for the bad pun later. I am rather hormonal now.


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