You there,

1>You: are a whore. I’d like to bitchslap you oneday.rather everyday. I want you to get hurt so bad you scum-sucking bitch that my head reels with the effor of thinking. You are a sick, pathetic, shady, cheap bitch.

2>You: I think you’re a loony sweetheart and I love you a lot. But then I wonder, do you actually like me or find me an interesting specimen to objectively look at? You may despise me in reality and the very thought disturbs me a lot because I really, really like you.

3>You: and I will never get along with each other. We will argue, fight, bad-mouth each other and not talk for days. But again, at t the end of the day you’ll turn out to be one among those very few people I can talk to about almost anything under the sun, bitch about people, rant, listen to your rants and have fun. I don’t think I like you very much sometimes, but what the heck! I can’t do without you either.

4>You: I am sorry for what I did to you. It was a mistake, an unintensional one at that. All those horrible things that happened, I didn’t see it coming. I hurt you badly, very badly. I’d appreciate it if you’re still mad at me and abuse me everytime we meet.But you still are so goddamn nice to me and that makes me squirm with guilt even more.

5>You: grow up. learn to take hints. they’re not even subtle. Barking right in front of you. Either you’re really dumb (no ‘naive’, ‘inexperienced’ are words which aren’t apt here) or you pretend not to take notice of these things. You’re the one who’s gonna get hurt in the process. I’m not saying everything’s your faut, but please do GROW UP. it’s high time. don’t be so damn slapstick, goofy and passive all the time.

6>You: are a sick bastard. And many other things that I’d like to tell you face-to-face. Because my blog and the public forum as a whole don’t deserve the kind of garbage I want to throw at you.

7>You: You may have some really crappy opinions about yourself, but do know that I love you and I look up to you, however insignificant this fact is to you. You’re the brother I never had.

8>You: I really wish you’d stop doing whatever it is that you’re doing. I find you very nice and I like you a lot. But some of your recent actions are not what I call ‘nice’. Okay I should  stop being nice and say that they suck. big time. Whatever is your frustration, deep-seated sorrow, anger etc. there’s a better way to express it. get help from someone. don’t implicate someone else. The way you’re behaving, I can see that at least three people are in big trouble  in the near future.

9>You: I don’t like.  You shout, you nag, you bitch and you seem to practically hate me(going by the look of disdain, heavy patience and something like an ‘oh yeah’  on your face whenever you see me). that is okay. I also like people who hate me. But I don’t like YOU. But then again, lots of people I like, happen to like you. So there must be something wrong between the two of us.

10>You: are an enigma to me.You have the best smile I’ve seen in recent times. and lovely lovely eyes. You make me laugh. You’ve given me a favorite new film. and a whole new dimension of thoughts where even something apparently bleak can look really funny. I want to believe that you’re a jerk, a selfish, cold, cruel person. But then I also want to believe you are not. Sometimes I want to think of you as a reformed rake. But who the hell am I to judge? I don’t want to impose something that I think of you. I want you to know the way you are. The real you. in flesh and blood. I can hate you or love you, but I have to know the REAL you, if you know what I mean.


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