When-you-read-Jack Kerouac-the-umpteenth-time syndrome

I am an undergraduate, twenty something, underworked, overpaid(I swear I am not lying. Neither am I high) individual. I will be graduating in a few months. And I am still completely clueless about the future. I have two really nice and understanding bosses. I am preparing for B school entrance.

I want to move out and hit the road Jack Kerouac style and stay there. I want to do PR and advertising. I want to work in a magazine as a PR person/photographer. I want to be a linguist. I want to do film PR. I want to bungee-jump,sand-bike etc. And forget the fact that I suck at athletics. I dream of opening a hillside cafe that lets you draw on the tablecloth, sing loudly out of tune, play your own favorite music and break a glass if you need to. I want to run my own sand bar that also allows noisy bar fights.

I want to work in Vogue. I want a detective for a neighbour and get embroiled in a most thrilling mystery. I want to dine with Queen Elizabeth. I want Vivienne Westwood and Oscar gowns with Jimmy Choos. I want to attend a page 3 party in ugly red shorts and retro tee that says out loud “Khooni pyaasi aatma! Iss aaine mein apna chehra dekh!”Β  I want to make music( I can’t sing even at gunpoint though), or listen to and help others make it. I want to promote an upcoming musician or a band. I want to go to Antarctica. I want to live in the Shaolin Temple and learn deadly martial arts with unpronounceable names. I want to lie on a green field with raindrops falling all over me and sing out loud without the whole world looking at me in derision. I want an SLR. I want a red truck that never runs out of petrol.


I want to be and do anything that people tell I can’t be and do. I have severe OCD. I live for challenges. They are my obsession, aphrodisiac, drug. I don’t want to stay in a rut.at any fucken cost.

I have a strong feeling that in ten years I will find myself in a Hawaiian country bar watching the hula hula with Yellow Submarine being played in the background, eating Chocos and reading Rabindrarachanabali( Rabindra Tagore Omnibus).


7 responses to “When-you-read-Jack Kerouac-the-umpteenth-time syndrome

  • Trina

    oye Ghosh….this is the best blog entry of yours….one of the best…sorry.. And Vivenne Westwood…Marc Jacobs. John Galliano. D’Squared Casuals. Lanvin and don’t forget Louis Vuitton bags and the Chanel LBD. Classic. and if u do film PR please pretty please hire me as your assistant…I will try to b a good one πŸ™‚

    • whatsinaname

      You are already hired! πŸ™‚ And you just made me salivate over the description. Chanel LBD, Lanvin……sigh 😐

  • idlecontemplation

    This yellow submarine song is just lol. I mean all I could do was laugh at the song πŸ˜€ :D…I also found a image very neatly summing up the song..will post it on ur wall or maybe mail u…i m still laughing..yellow submarine…yellow submarine…::D:D

  • Rudrani

    Too much Kerouac is dangerous for health and sanity. πŸ˜€

  • Chingo Starr.

    “I want to attend a page 3 party in ugly red shorts and retro tee that says out loud β€œKhooni pyaasi aatma! Iss aaine mein apna chehra dekh.” — Uff, i am trying to visualize! πŸ˜€
    I laaabh yoo! πŸ˜€

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