A Weekend (post in want of an appropriate title btw)

Okay so I went and stayed over at the Best Friend’s place this weekend. I don’t remember when was the last time I had gone. But I do remember the T-Rex in our para hatching out of its egg.(Pliss to excuse if they are mammals.) Masi, the BFM(Best Friend’s mother who’ll be referred to as BFM henceforth for all purpose and intent) had threatened to sever all ties with me and the BF(that’s so NOT my boyfriend btw) had similar intentions too9or maybe dismemberment?).

Yeah so I went there and had a really really fun weekend after a long time. Usually my weekends are spent in a grubby classroom, slogging my guts out over CAT quantitative aptitude(I misspelt this tetrasyllabic word twice if you are up for some useless information). Then I am found walking from Jodhpur Park, muttering to myself,singing much to the world’s disdain or dreaming about the cute guy who just took our class. The rest of the day can be a treatise on my non-existent social life,when I just stick to my room,eating crumbs off the bed(yes I know it’s gross.), peeping out rarely like a scared rabbit to prove it to my mom that I am not really dead,stroll out for lunch/dinner,crawl back and stay there.

I have had enough describing it and I know you’re two-minutes away from losing patience too :P.Ā  So, this weekend, I beleive I had gained back more calories than I have lost during last week’s pathetic 30 minutes workout session (VH1 and me screaming at the top of my voice,if you’re interested). The BF showed off her insanely good culinary(another word which I always misspell) skills by cooking the yummiest cheese pasta I’ve ever had. I almost caught her gloating and smirking like an evil goat over my lack of cooking skills X-( .Then she had a brainwave and orders port wine. I was expecting she’d rob a bank or something because both of us would look convincing on the World Bank type poverty ads. But then the wine was a Made in Nashik product, and came amazingly cheap at just 150 bucks. somewhere aorund 150. So I forgive her for deriding me over my inability to cook.

The BF and her BF had an hour long screamfest while I sat and drank and called up random people. Twaa, my long-lost-twin-at-the-Kumbh-Mela ranted about every possible topic under the sun happily ignoring my ominous warnings about his upcoming exams. See why I am so socially awkward sometimes? šŸ˜¦

In between Boss #1 called and I didn’t pick it up because it was put on silent mode.(Or maybe the BF’s screams were deafening). The missed call triggered off a series of panic attacks. A slideshow of pictures of an unemployed,veryvery broke me started running in my head. I was a little too tipsy to call back and so spent the whole night imagining a showdown the next morning with him ceremoniously kicking me out of the job(in his defense: he is really a sweet and understanding man and doesn’t deserve a slacker like me as a subordinate.) The BF’s BF talked to me a couple of times and each time he tried to talk about the fight,he ended up guffawing. I didn’t. I am good(and well, I had to spend the night with that woman in the same room without getting killed and I am sorry it came out all wrong). Then I roamed about and took pictures of every conceivable corner of the house.(Someday the shutterbug in my head will get the better of me when someone files an Invasion of Privacy complaint) šŸ˜›

The desk in its usual pleasant self. Oh, and don't miss the amazingly cheap wine!

The night passed with the BF^2 making up. Then we finished the wine,and got gloriously tipsy which kind of loosened our tongues. So much so that at 5, I realised I have a really sore throat that itched and my voice has gone all hoarse(not the sexy cowboyish hoarse). She passed out at 6 while I stayed up till 6.30 reading Sweet Valley Twins(listen, that’s for old time’s sake okay?). Woke up at 12 to find that the Boss wants me to do 20 articles on some inane topic which probably doesnn’t even exist in this world(his way of getting back at me). I ate stone cold garlic bread and cold salad and typed out rubbish while the BF slept on, occassionally snoring beautifully. I looked at myself in the mirror for a couple of minutes and realised how EXACTLY I look like a convict. Or a demon from a cheap B-grade mytholgical soap. I am so not cut for the job I dream of.

But the weekend was fun. We went out for long walks,tried to avoid talking about the future and ended up doing exactly so, had tea at this ramshackle roadside stall overlooking a lake and the beautiful Kolkata EM Bypass. A glorious storm also raged the city and I got completely drenched,dancing Bharatnatyam in the rain.

That's Yours Truly and not a baby gorrila in red

Armageddon.Minutes before the storm

Ching who posed because I threatened her.

The Bf who ruined this could-have-been masterpiece :(. and check out, it's spirit photography too!

One of the happiest times spent together in a long long time.I don’t know what else to write. But in the meantime I do realise how exactly I sound like the BF is my BF. as in boyfriend.

P.S: BF didn’t gloat. I was trying to soothe my injured ego. Okay no more lame lines henceforth.

I love you BF. 16 years and still going strong. You never judge, never are unnecessarily sarcastic, hear me out without clenching your teeth(or making a good show of not doing it maybe šŸ˜€ ), make absolutely delicious fudge cakes and pasta, love Enid Blyton and Mills & Boons and understands me. I could marry you some day you know? šŸ˜€


3 responses to “A Weekend (post in want of an appropriate title btw)

  • Choi

    I am so happy. you are BFF. see,I sound lame, almost Paris Hiltonish, but it is a true. I love you from the bottom of my stomach. Kisses. xx šŸ˜€ And Port Wine 1000 is the real maal. ā¤

  • Amrita Roy

    šŸ˜€ Jodhpur Park? eh? Samrat Sir or Ankuran sir? If I’m thinking what I’m thinking you”ll know. :)CAT keeda kaat liya.

    and you are not a baby gorilla in red! they’re supposed to be shorter you know.
    What would the world come to without Best friends! and shiv left, though he”ll come back. and those pics, its like I’ve been there so many times. Could even recognise the place.. šŸ™‚
    till next time.

    • whatsinaname

      Shiv left and Ishaan’s back! I mean, isn’t she really dumb? She’s getting on my nerves now!

      This guy is a particular teacher at a particular CAT coaching centre where I go. and no, I can’t take his name here :P. He lurks and then there’s the BF(do read boyfriend) to consider šŸ˜€

      I AM short. very :(.

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