Ten reasons why I should not make a Bucket List.


I want:

1>A hot, noble, dangerous vampire with an amazing sense of humor for a boyfriend. Yes, do read Edward Cullen.

2>A friend from the outer space.

3>A talking black cat with witching green eyes. With oodles of attitude, observing the world with extremely dispassionate we-are-not-amused eyes, having an opinion on everything and a tendency to duh me every now and then. Oh, and also add quirky, witty, and a somewhat whacked-out psycho cat.

4>A ghost that haunts my bedroom, never agrees with me, talks rubbish and disapproves of me out-an-out. Preferably male, a knight in Europe in the 1500s when he was alive, with semi-prehistoric morals and values.

5>A serial killer for a long-lost brother who has been assigned to assassinate me. ( Yes I adore and crave for drama Bollywood style.) ūüôā

6>A witch for a neighbour. A quirky one at that. Sabrina, Samantha, any one will do.

7>A pilot for a friend who will fly me to any part of the world any time I demand.

8>Tim Burton or Christopher Nolan offering me a role in their movies opposite Christian Bale/Hugh Jackman/Helena Bonham Carter/Johnny Depp/Brad Pitt as only Tyler Durden and nothing else/Heath Ledger/Jude Law/Robert Downie Jr. I do not live under a rock btw. I know one person in this list is dead. See now you agree with me on the post title.

9>Barney Stinson for a flatmate. Wing-woman style.

10>Job of the editor/photograper/PR person in a magazine.

In my defense

Do I need to explain? Insanity needs no explanation I believe. I will not bore you much by pointing out to you, exactly how insane I am. I believe nobody in the world is completely sane. Sanity is overrated. It is relative. What is sanity to me may be insanity to you. I can write such a list because I believe in the stuffs I’ve written about.The fact that I am almost 20-fucken-2 is immaterial. I can be 50 and still talk to the wall and believe¬†that I have a ¬†radioactive spider in my room . My mom has always¬†said that¬†I am a bit not there. I live in a world of my own. Where even the unreal looks real. Well, to be very honest, nothing¬†seems much unreal to me. Even¬†outside my¬†world :).

I just realised that I wrote some really uncharacteristically pseudo-deep lame lines. 

Hear Hear


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