I had a weird dream last night-part bizarre, part sick. I dreamt that Barack Obama had come to Arsalan(for the uninitiated, Arsalan is this restaurant serving freaking awesome biriyani-mughlai at very reasonable prices in Kolkata. Not heart-smart,not at all weight-friendly but man! a total gourmet delight).
Yeah,so if you remember, Barack Obama had come to Arsalan to check out the biriyani there. His PA was my friend Sougata Chatterjee. The President had this glass of red wine on the table. I took a sip out of it and became the first person in history to have taken a sip out of Barack Obama’s glass(yes it was announced loudly by my friend. Point to be noted that I had not spoken to the President at all but I do remember looking at him and smiling like a retard)

Now comes the really scary part.The very next moment,I found myself in a black-and-white world of the 1940s.There was this two-storyed house overlooking a street. A deathly silence hung in the air,there was a full moon,an occasional bat/owl gliding across it(owls glide no? bats aren’t that elegant right?). The silence was so creepy that I actually felt someone was walking over my grave.

Then the siren of The Dark Knight was heard.(remember the siren? In the first scene,when the first robbery takes place in the bank?That very siren was heard) It shattered the silence completely. My hair stood on end and I remember having shut my eyes tightly trying to ignore the throbbing pain in my ears.

Then a police van appeared out of nowhere and uniformed men carrying guns jumped out and rushed into the house. Suddenly some fifty people appeared out of nowhere.A fight broke out with those aforementioned fifty people trying to escape from the clutches of those officers. gun shots were fired,some incomprehensible mantra was being chanted throughout in the  background along with that siren ringing out loud, incessant,merciless.

The fifty people were rounded up,forced to board this van and whisked away to some place unknown. The last thing I noticed about this van was this symbol.

All this while I was locked up in a balcony overlooking the entrance to the house and the street and I was a witness to this brutality. I remember feeling sick with fear-where are these people going?Concentration camp?gas chamber?what if they take me?Why am I locked here?Why am I here in the first place? I felt nauseated-with fear,loathing and all that. No I am not exaggerating.It was as scarey as hell-the Nazi chants,the Dark Knightwallah siren in the background,gun shots,the van slowly disappearing, the eerie silence-I am not doing a good job of describing it though.

Ever experienced a severe panic attack? cold sweat as an outcome of sick, irrational fear? That too resulting from an apparently stupid dream? I did last night. I played that particular Dark Knight soundtrack and shuddered a little(what a sissy baby! yes you’re allowed to think).

SO that.


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