My Mother’s Day Story part one

I don’t understand my mother sometimes. We’d watched Wake Up Sid together and all the time she kept repeating her “you-young people” rants in my ears so much so that at the end of the day I just wanted to go and lock myself in my room and never come out. The moment Ranbir Kapoor picked up a fight with his dad, my mom lost it totally and started her angry monologue about moral degradation of young people,citing me as an example every now and then.

But, BUT, she LOVED DevD!!! I freaked out the moment I saw the cable channel showing it and wanted to change but she insisted on watching it. I quietly slipped out of the room and to avoid standing in the firing line for the next 2-and-a-half hour,fell asleep! But what do I get when I wake up??  “It’s simply brilliant shona!! Why didn’t you wsatch it?? Awesome movie!” Like what the heck?? A twenty-something jobless guy flunking college exams,fighting with his dad,moving in with an unmarried girl,partying all night gets the flak from my mom.But a drunkard,a heavy doper,perennially confused,fickle-minded, brothel regular who listens to heavy metal,has all his conversations peppered with the choicest,filthiest Hindi abuses,sleeps with an unmarried woman and tries to bed the same woman when she’s married,bangs his car into walls,sympathesizes with a school-girl-turned-prostitute caught in a sex scandal gets a “what an awesome interpretation of Devdas!!” !!!  Okay that’s a really long sentence but you get the drift right?? And she said all that without even a hint of sarcasm. Where’s the enthusiasm for slamming us-young-people man??Why isn’t it zooming into an overdrive now?? She even went on gushing about the album art, Kalki Koechlin’s bee-stung lips,the bottle of alcohol,the psychedelic album art with a wild splash of colors et all. She explained to me when asked, that “Dev is already wasted so why waste precious energy screaming your lungs out at him?” I don’t get it.  😦 😦

My dad is more predictable. He hates watching young people getting drunk on screen, going to discos,staying out late night. Doping,making out are topics out of bounds,for discussion with him. He shifts uncomfortably in his seat whenever ads for condoms or birth-control pills come up,tries to make random out-of-sync conversation, pretending the tv doesn’t exist.And the poor man cannot even change the channel because THAT would make it too obvious :D. That is kinda okay. I mean, I know my Dad would hate DevD and would like to strangle Anurag Kashyap for his interpretation of Devdas,but the point is he is predictable. With my mom,I’m always on tentderhooks,not knowing how she’ll react to what!

It’s an unfair world.And I sign out before you start your diatribe about how cliched is exactly my last statement.

 Go on. Tell me which is the more provocative,morally-degrading picture that kids shouldn’t be encouraged to look at??

This drunk stoned useless wuss

This utterly cute lost-puppy-eyed boy(cheese alert btw)


Tell me it’s the first one (No, I am NOT a prude) and try explaining that to my mom,wouldja pliss??? X-(


One response to “My Mother’s Day Story part one

  • Amrita Roy

    haha! well my mom liked wake up sid and hasn’t yet seen (and i believe not heard of) Dev D.
    But yes they are unpredictable, like when a kissing scene is shown, my momma prefers staring at me..

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