Pats on the back. Unbearable smugness.

I am a genius. No seriously. I can salvage anything. Even milk that has gone bad.

And yeah, that IS so not an exaggeration. It’s not even a metaphor. The milk DID go bad this morning-all curdy-thick-creamy. In short, it turned into something you cannot call milk.I had no idea what to do with it (really the effort the mums put in good homekeeping!). So I just microwaved the thing on an impulse, put a lot of sugar, let it cool and PRESTO MANIFESTO! The best kheer ever(that is the best I have made) was waiting on my table , ready to be devoured greedily by me! and mark my word, it was AWESOME! Of course it looked or tasted nothing like kheer. But it tasted legen-wait for the word-dary! *Barney alert*

There was one time when I tried to bake a cake and forgot to put baking powder. Yes you might ask who does that. I do. So I microwaved the whole batter and voila! walnut cookies! It tasted a bit like overtoasted bread-hard,crumbly.  But duh! I am not going into all that of course! the heady smell of chocolate and cream! Boy am I a genius or what???

*Smug and a little bit of exaggeration alert* But what the heck! 😀


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