Crush Story of a Grandma

Grandmas are way too cool.

Mine stayed over for lunch today. Just as she was flipping channels she came to Zee Cinema showing Jodha Akbar. And then out of the blue,

“Hrithik chheleta ke dekhte ki bhalo na?? ekdum Shammi Kapoor er kotha mone poriye dey! ” (“The Hrithik boy is so handsome no?? Reminds me of Shammi Kapoor) :-0

Okay so when Hrithik Roshan starts resembling Shammi Kapoor, you can safely announce to the world  that the speaker  is high.But ahem. I am too good to assume 😛 .   I was this close to asking whether she used to blush like a tomato when she saw his photos(well, I do..when I see a lot of people’s photos…but hang on, I am not sounding defensive). It was rather funny.:D. Especially when she spoke how she’d saved every Navaratha(yesteryear film magazine) containing stories and gossips about Shammi Kapoor until she’d caught her own daughter grinning foolishly at  Dharmendra’s pictures and realised the ‘faults’ of her ways :D.

But she’d have nothing of Aishwarya Rai. or Kareena Kapoor. Kareena is no Sharmilla. “Kareena pet dekhiye neche beray…kono lojja shorom nei“(Kareena shows her stomach to everyone and has no shame whatsoever). I had barely pointed out  that Sharmila in her heyday wore a proper bikin when women wearing even knee-length skirts caused a public outcry when I was silenced by one blazing glare.Hrithik Roshan can be Shammi Kapoor.But Kareena is never Sharmila.

Really. Women are so never nice to each other. (I can already imagine The Boy gloating over this :/)



2 responses to “Crush Story of a Grandma

  • Amrita Roy

    my mom says exactly the same lines “Hrithik chheleta ke dekhte ki bhalo na?”

    yes grandmas are always cool , mine is waiting for me to find a BF and bring him home (poor her!!)

    btw went through some of your posts , refreshing 🙂 and u love Shiv too 😀 😀 me too (The mahi way wala)

  • whatsinaname

    @Amrita: high five to that :). I can watch the Limca ad forever for the dimpled smile!

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