Mere munh mein ghee shakkar…like literally!

Baba had gone to Dilli and returned today.

I had asked him over the phone to go to Karim’s and bring back the Lazeez Murg Saag and biriyani. To which he explained with heavy patience that ‘the security at the airport will probably object to the discomfort it causes to other passengers’. Now my father generally tries to use all high-brow jargon to intimidate me into not asking him to do weird stuffs. But even he realised that it made a very poor excuse.How can anyone justify to having discomfort caused by Karim’s biriyani smell?? That’s completely blasphemious.

Now if you are a parent and a strict no-nonsense one at that, you can always ask your kid to shut up,but me being me,I whined till he got exasperated.Ma intervened and silenced me with one of her blood-curdling(seriously, I am NOT exaggerating) glares. Then he tried to soothe my injured soul by offering to buy something portable. I had just opened my mouth and uttered the words “Baba…Janpath….bag” when he promptly realised that he had this VERY important meeting to attend and hung up with an “I’ll talk to you later”.Since then,every conversation of ours had centered around my upcoming viva voce and “‘okay I’ll talk to you later” whenever I had tried to steer the discussion towards Janpath and Palika Bazaar!

I feel sorry for the man  who shudders at the name of shopping and has a dedicated shopaholic for a daughter.

I was about to do some serious sulking when  I saw this.

Dilli ka Laddoo

5 packets of Motichur ke laddoo and kaju barfi among other things and I might forgo shopping for new bags for a while :D. Yuss I still hanker for gifts from Baba like I’m six and can’t stop grinning from ear to ear when I get them!

Ma says he spoils me. Truth is of course he spoils me :D.

I love you Baba. 🙂


2 responses to “Mere munh mein ghee shakkar…like literally!

  • Little Boxes

    dilli is like that…all people want me to get them are bags and shoes!
    ask uncle to get the sohan halwa next time…it’s yumm!

    • whatsinaname

      I know! It’s super yummm :)).

      My dad generally avoids getting into shopping-or-buying-anything-for-that-matter conversations with me :P. You get sohan halwa for me no?? pliss pliss 😦

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