Jiyo dada!!

Okay so I have a bioinformatics test on this Tuesday.

Before you start imagining let me clearly explain that this is not a test-preparation-horror-story post(though I am very much inclined to write one). This post is dedicated to a certain senior whose notes I am reading for the test.

This senior,like all seniors(and contemporaries and juniors alike) used to hate this subject with much fervor.The subject bored him to death and it seemed he was left with only the option of tearing his own hair to release tension and frustration.

But…*insert much dramatic background music,drumbeats etcetera* instead ,this senior had found a way out of this boredom. He decided to doodle on his notes.

Now this may,by no means,be a unique way to beat boredom. But imagine reading the introductory slide(the one having the prof’s email id) with something like this written below the id:

Why advertising so much?? No one is going to mail you right???

Turn the next page and find the slide that begins with “An Exciting Life” and drones about eucaryotic cells and the likes with nothing remotely exciting in view.He’s scribbled:

Life is exciting anyway!. Think you are in a nude beach with your girlfriend….can’t you feel the excitement…HAHAHAHA….Now don’t get so excited that you need to go to the bathroom for….have a good night.
Okay please ignore anything your find remotely indecent.(I’m good I’m good!!!).

Then he’d drawn horn round a picture of chromosomes,given tails to DNA double helix, and guns to peptide linkages and scribbled stuffs like…

Dheeshooom dheeshoom…Alien vs Predator …hahahaha…dheechkao!!!  *Insert prof’s name*…here I come!!!
Below a picture explaining something inane about protein replication:

mRNA translates to protein….toh ami ki korbo dada??   ( so what can I do brother???)
and it goes like this through the entire note making it an immensely thrilling read-it’s like discovering something anew in every page I turn.Like an extremely pleasing treasure hunt.For once in my life,I find myself looking forward to actually read a bio(horror horror!)note so eagerly.

Thank you senior dada for ze kicks!! Life IS exciting!


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