A sudden impulsive post

I just realised today that JU staff canteen sells amazing tadka with a few dollops of butter that melts in your mouth faster than you can blink and leaves a lingering desire for more at heart.Sigh. Food and I shouldn’t be hanging out together.Especially if it contains butter/oil/cream and the likes.But people around me buy plates of paratha-tadka-aloo dum-chilli chicken-cream roll-choco delight  (yum yum yum..)and with people like these around,rest assured that your determination will give way to delicious temptations before long.

A few days back I had a musical hit. yeah like bong hits and stuff.Music hit is where you get hit by music.Ignore this lame statement please.You are elevated to stratas of otherwise unattainable high(as in the feeling) and hyperventillate a little bit.  A.R. Rahman, Koop, Miles Davis, Norah Jones, A.R. Rahman, Joni Mitchell, Death Cab For Cutie, did I mention A.R. Rahman and last but not least, Banwra Maan.Shantanu Moitra should get a Grammy and every other famous/obscure musical awards possible for that.It hurts. It’s so beautiful that you drown in it and get the milder equivalent of Asperger’s Syndrome by just focussing on the lyrics,the tinkling of the bells,the silent hum behind.And this is no pointless exaggeration. Listen to Banwra Mann on a quiet night and imagine having your fingers linked with someone,curled up against his/her palm. It hits.not a senti hit.a clear,strong,pure hit.beautifully.

And the theme music of Bombay. The flute part. I refuse to write further on this fearing inadequacy of expressions.

Suddenly I want to stay at home the whole day and not go to college. Waking up everyday and dragging myself to the dismally cold building is an ordeal. Only bright spots are lab hours.

Suddenly people around me have abundant pocket money and gorge on coffee and la aforementioned high-calorie nourriture the whole day. I don’t mind this phenomena,provided I get to tuck in to these fares,but mark what a change! few weeks ago,people of my age(that includes me) were complaining of perennial bankruptcy and parental refusal to cough up any money.And suddenly,we have a lot of money to spend on 7 Choco Delights at a row, visit Oly for that coveted bottle of Carlsberg, smoke Verve and pot the whole day and throw noisy booze parties at home(when safely out of parental vigillance that is). We are a high-spending demographic at the moment,a bit too much for parental likings-they have this disapproving(statutory warning: temperate expressions,though polite,can be well misleading) ‘you-young-people’ expression permanently pasted on their faces. Every time I go to a shopping mall and admire something and express my desire to buy it(save money and buy that is) my father leaves no stone unturned to remind me that he used to get only Rs. 4.10/- from his father as pocket-money and Rs. 3.10/- went to procuring his bus monthly pass. At this point I’d like to remark that living expenses were not so high back then and well, because there weren’t the fascination of Starmark,Pizza Hut,FAME and the likes to deplete your pocket money like nowadays. But I know better than to initiate argument(read: bug a sleeping lion) .  Saving is good, scrounging not good. Harangue us for what??

Suddenly I realise that it’s a typical Libran rant and I should stop now. Amen.

p.s: To the Crow Community of Kolkata, stop treating our heads as your self-proclaimed public shitholes. We are humans. And we can tolerate upto a limit.Don’t provoke us to do something bad to you.You never know how bad this can get.And do take this part of the post seriously.I mean every word okay? now shoo.

How birds view us..stupid morons.


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