Yes. The world is not retard-proof.

….What else would justify my sudden manic obsession(super loud stress on the word manic  considering I have a semester exam in not more than three weeks)with John Heartfield, Pierre-Auguste Renoir, Dali, Google Wave,old advertisements, superhero movies,’s Image, Audio and Vector Editor and comparing everything with good old Photoshop?

Consequences of massive outbreak of Extreme Xenophobic Attack on Meek Students. go figure.


 One of the favorites.

Eeriest possible Ophelia. (now I know why she got rejected.Nobody could have survived looking at those eyes for long)

By Pierre Auguste Cot.

Ophelia, Pierre Auguste Cot. Pause for Thought (Ophelia)

How should I your true love know from another one?



Dexter Gordon.


Women at the Window

Salvador Dali.


Distraction/How I did my studies Season 1

Picass was way ahead his times. This be prognosis.


This world was never meant for one as beautiful as you.

                                         Yes I could have told you Vincent.                  


Yehi hai Right Choice Baiibee

                                                           Uh huh.


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