One Huge Rantpost.

Back from the mountains and I just realised just how much I love the cramped little space I call my room,the coconut tree in front of our house,the green fields of JU,the local market and…well I can go on but have decided to spare you the boredom.

Trip was awesome fun..made a new friend called Jewel who turned out to be an ex Pointer.We had a happy time reminiscing and ended up feeling low and missing school.met interesting people.One of them being Jasveer Singh,our driver who by the way has a fourteen crore estate to his credit.Yes,you can use the choicest swear words at me but it’s true.and he drives a bus because he loves visiting new places and meeting new people.

 So I decided that I should stay back in Kalpa and invest in apple farming.maybe take up the ploughs or whatever they use to do it myself if I am too broke to employ people.And ask all my friends to come over and join me in my venture.

But very sadly,most of them made fun of my plans-planning to live off my profits or just shuddering at the thought of living somewhere that remote.True,Kalpa is one quite little hole-in-the-wallish small village.and it’s freaking cold-the kind that numbs you,forces to not to take a proper bath for days.but it’s one of the most beautiful places I have visited.And the babies.the apple=cheeked cuddly little bundles of love.who are,for some reason,very docile and quiet-unbabylike.

Kalpa Baby

Kalpa Baby

Like all great men and women who have experienced supreme parental hostility to whatever they want to do,I was yanked off from my dreams and dragged back home.

Parents so conveniently forget that they used to be kids once when they become parents.One day I’ll follow suit.Till then,I can safely sit back and grumble at parental interference without much pangs of guilt.

It doesn't go to that extreme but you sort of get the point.

It doesn't go to that extreme but you sort of get the point.


But I am so forever grateful to my father for lending his phone to make calls.Vodafone didn’t have a single tower over there and I have left my AirTel sim at home.So,I was at the beck and call of the parents hankering for their phones.Why Vodafone why??

Back home,I feel someone has tied me to a post and is planning to pump all 6 bullets into my head.Semester exams start from 18th of November which sounds quite far away but given my indomitable desire to procrastinate,it amounts to nothing.I am running out of time and the desire to study one more page of Computer Graphics.But I am happy that this blog will NOT die a premature death because it s examtime and I’ll post lots!



 If not apple farming,how about a xerox shop inside JU campus? this is one project,which,I am sure will strike gold.Engineering students survive on photocopied notes,eating,sleeping,peeing with them(both during preparation and the exam). Life metamorphoses into pages and pages of insane gibberish which fail to penetrate the skull and just hover around the periphery waiting to be scribbled on paper and then flushed out.Hence,a xerox shop is bound to be an instant success.

I am being robbed of my money-by vicious xeroxwallahs and profs who insists on teaching stuffs from xeroxes and not mentioning a book name.

 My broadband free limit is precariously on the edge of getting over.

I am so much in love with the Khuda ke Liye song- Bandya Ho Bandya.

I realised I am one curious woman who asks apparently innocent questions and scandalises people.albeit unintentionally.

And vile strangers choose to rile me by saying…”You dont look like a college girl.I thought you are in class 11…”

Piece of mind: I know I am like really short and look like a stupid kid stuck in a time warp but dont rub it in.Except for a few people of course 🙂

 I am so much in awe with Camerlengo Ventresca(Google for Angels and Demons if you don’t remember )and thankful to Gorai for lending me A Prisoner of Birth.

I am badly hung up on Bhojpuri songs as well.had my dose of them throughout the trip.It’s like a national obsession amongst bus drivers everywhere,just as B-grade Bengali movie songs are a favorite amongst our very own Bangali autowallahs.But people who live outside Bengal and ride autos here(okay,that came out wrong,but I hope you get it) don’t understand Bengali whereas Bhojpuri and Hindi sound very similar!

Btw,there’s this song School ke Tame pe on Youtube(yes I am browsing for these can bet).do check it out.

We never had such happening schooldays!

We never had such happening schooldays!

I want to have apple juice and chicken tandoori(yes,you heard it right). and a particular Chick-N-Cheese pizza with extra cheese from Pizza Hut(with 10 rupees in my wallet,I like to dream big.Revolutionary),fuchka,chicken roll.walk to nowhere.listen to cards.and very oddly,bake cakes.

 Connought Place Nirula’s serves amazing Grilled Sizzler.But apna Peter Cat zindabad!

Palika Bazaar is shopper’s paradise.It’s a freak place for freaky shopaholics like me where you can bargain till you don’t care anymore and just pay the damn price.

I had a huge argument with a friend over shopping and figured out that men are just built differently-too differently to appreciate the fun and excitement of shopping.My father stares at my mom in sheer she saunters casually from one shop to other,picking up stuffs,rubbishing the price tag and coming up with outrageous bargain demands.And why do guys feel so embarassed bargaining??In the end,we are saving your money dude.My friend says that there’s no point going shopping in the first place.But then he’s a guy and I chose to ignore this comment.Men are just not there.

Facebook has predicted that I am marrying my best friend’s boyfriend and my son will be a demi=god and a legend called Mimoh.For those who are too purdypurdy to watch Bengali movies,he’s Mithun Chakraborty’s son.I like Mithunda,but I would have nothing to do with his offspring.Especially if he comes in packages of Mimoh. When I said it all to my friend,she put on an air of supreme indifference which made me wonder whether she cares or not.I have to broach the topic to Somdev.

 At this rate,I will start describing my new red ribboned shoes and that will provoke you to throw it down my throat.

So I sign off.

Peace be unto us all.

Au revoir.


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