Sometimes it happens that the silliest memories makes you laugh hysterically and feel euphoric afterwards.That feeling of euphoria subsides but in turn makes you feel grounded,calm,happy,focussed and protected.The belief that you’re equally entitled to have something good happening to you makes you feel lighter,less suspicious and more peaceful. Because yes,it is true.We all deserve to have something good happening to us.Cynicism wont help.It’s better to believe,trust and fall than to be cold and drive everyone away.I had been there and done that and trust me,in the end,you’re left completely alone as a lonely,cold,suspicious,cranky,shattered person with no one around.Some can escape.Like I did.With lots and lots of help from the completely insanely amazing people I call my friends.Most cant.And die a lonely death.I believe now that there’s no harm in believing.One word of apology or frank discussion can bring back a lost friend.One smile can make new friends.A little bit of adjustment can go a long way in strengthening relationships and make you a happier person.One good gesture,simple thought can actually solve a hell lot of problems.There’s no point in complicated thinking.I realised the more understanding I am,the more understanding people will be towards me.I think,it’s the amazing puja spirit that’s done this to me.But for the first time,I am not rubbishing anything good. I am happy.yes I am very very happy.

This puja has been amazing.True,I tore my sari,my feet are bloody and blistered,I have gained at least 5 kgs,I am sleep-deprived and my white Converse is now completely black,but I never felt so content. I can finally eat a chocolate without cribbing about gaining weight.It’s this feeling of togetherness,the bond that is forged between us all.The puja saw people breaking all sorts of barriers-social,communal,language,ego-to come out together and enjoy.It’s like a message to all the people who’re so steeped in violence that they don’t believe in something good anymore.Come out of your shell,be together and you’ll be the happiest person on earth.

I think finally after a really really long spell of darkness,anger and loneliness,I am happy.and at peace.And a better person than I used to be.I can believe or love without any hope or agenda because a belief can take me a long way and support me.I know this from personal experience-how a strong hope can change the course of your life for the better,steer you ahead and make you successful and happy.So henceforth,I’ll believe in goodness of the world and my life and act accordingly.

Love you all.

Shubho Bijaya. 🙂


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  • Choi

    This post made me so happy. I love you Shreo. i love that you have been there throughout and i know that you’ll always be. i love the unspoken bond we share, i love that we being entirely different from each other can connect and be best friends forever. I love you and always will in my own stupid twisted way.

  • Shreyasi

    To Choi,
    Everyday I realise more and more that how much I love you and can’t live without you. Thank you for being,in madness et all. love you.

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