Yours truly(figures in the post as YT) suddenly jerks her head and whispers not-so-inaudibly in the Circuits class.

“But that’s a type of shoe!”

The benchmate(BM),the open-mouthed epitome of docile concentration snaps out of his reverie.


YT: “Flip flops”

BM:” yeah what?”

YT: “It’s a type of shoe”

BM: “Says who?”

YT(smiling): “Wow! that rhymes”‘

BM also smiles-the slightly condescending smile of the kindly uncle of a born retard.


YT: “I am telling you”

BM: “What kind?”

YT:”You slippers.”

BM: “Chappals?”

YT:”No.not slippers meant to be worn at home.strictly at home.”

BM: “So are chappals”

YT: “No.that’s a hawai chappal.”

BM(who is a stupid boy who duhs) : “Duh! same thing”

YT:”’s not.chappals can be pretty slick.they can be worn outside”

BM: “Says who?”

YT: “You Know Who..haha”

BM looks at YT with a we-are-so-not-amused expression.

BM :” who says you can’t wear chappals at home?”

YT: “Arre baba! You CAN.thing is when you do,it becomes a hawai chappal.Chappals are pretty little things that can be worn outside”

BM:”I call these things chappal.choppol to be more precise”

YT:” YOU will.but nobody’s that ignorant.”


YT:I am telling you.go to New Market or BK Market or any such place and you’ll se for yourself.”


YT:”They say ‘chappal leke jao beti.’. they mean the fancy slippers.not the hawai chotis you wear at home”

BM:”hmm.if you say so”


BM:”But why do they call you ‘beti’?”

YT”What else do you expect they’ll call me?”

Bt”I don’t know.behenji maybe”

YT:”Do I look like a behenji?”

BM:”Do I get to say yes?”

YT:”Fuck you”

BM:”what the fuck?there’s nothing wrong in calling you behenji!”

YT:”‘xcuse me,behenjis are for married women”

BM:”but you’l be married some day!”

YT:”says who?”

BM:”You Know Who..haha…gotcha!”

YT:”how lame! think of something original puhleez!”

BM:”you know,sarcasm is so NOT a turn on”

YT:”I am not hitting on you okay?”


YT:”are you hitting on me?”

BM:”oh yes! this” and smacks YT’s arm.

YT:”’re a ignorant one at that.”

BM:”point.but come to the point.”

YT:”what point?”

BM:”what was your point again?”

YT:”what point?”

BM:”Arre what did you ask me?”

YT:”ask you?why would I ask you something?”

BM:”Maybe you’re too dumb to cope up with something and need my help”

YT:”I just said flipflops are a type of shoe.I dont need your help to figure that out.and it doesn’t contain layers of spare me the smart ass comments”

BM:”bitch.why do you snap?”

YT:”why do you speak like a hick?”

BM:”dont talk to me then.”

YT:”i did not.”

BM:”you just told me your theory on that flipflop thingy”

YT:”a)it was not a theory.b)I did not TELL anyone in was more of an audible solioquy.”

BM:”speak English?”

YT:”’re such a lame-arse peasant.”

BM:”why do you abuse so much?”

YT:”look who’s saying?”

BM:”I  have never abused YOU”

YT:”like i care a fig”

BM:”yeah.whatever.but flip flops are electronic circuits.they’re not worn”


BM(visibli miffed):”and I wear chappals at home.”
I’d like to ask myself just how old do we think we are.


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