disclaimer: author is not under the influence of any drug or medication in any form.

I think i’ll never know what i want to do.as in career-wise.i figured last night that i want to do everything.i want a job that requires a lot of travelling,NOT under compulsion thought.that involves thrill,adventure,speed as well as security and comfort.one thay pays A FAT LOT of money.and requires me to do some serious adventure sports.point is i don’t want to get tired of what i am doing.even if i do,i should have the option to switch jobs.i am not a professor/research scholar material.yes i do have IMMENSE respect for people who are pursuing career in that field.but i can never BE one.point is i dont know what to do.all i know is that i dont want to lead a tame life inside safe coccoons of the four walls.okay i agree this may sound extremely irrational and teenagerish to YOU but then why can’t i dream of it?i mean what’s the harm if i do? yes.i WANT  a life of thrill and adventure .i do want to marry and start a family but why do i have to kill my dreams for that?why can’t i have BOTH together?i am what i AM and i cant change it for the sake of rationality or whatsoever.

at this rate the only options i’ll have left are a>become an actor b> become a con artist.that way,i can be whatever i want to be.


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