Me and my cryfests.

Je suis une embarrassing wuss who cries when she shoudn’t be crying.

In fact,I shoudn’t be crying at all and put on oodles of attitude and ignore stuffs.but no.i have to make a complete fool of myself and blubber like a fool.i can’t help but cry when i’m watching romcoms.which is like so bloody irrational.i cry when the lovers unite.i cry when they drift apart.i cry when the country’s flag is hoisted.i cry.damn.i mean what is there to cry about?people make fun of me.see this is one of the main reasons why i dont watch such movies with human beings.or inquisitive human beings who make it a point to poke and ask you ‘are you okay?’ knowing fully that you’re not.why on earth do i cry when i watch certain movies? i am like a pathetic mess.

i hate fights.but hell,you don’t cry when you have one.i mean,how old am i? six?? not even the six-years olds these days cry.they’re slowly mastering the art of abusing.but no.i have to cry.i have to dehydrate myself and irritate the hell out of others by crying.god! woman,why has god made you a woman and given you a mouth and a brain?so that you can bite and have some shred of dignity and not cry dammit. i bloody ruin everything by crying.i let people to take a sneak peak into my vulnerable side easily.i am so fucking not able to keep secrets.damn damn damn.what the fuck is wrong with my tear glands?and my throat?and me for that matter?

I wish I didnt makes me feel like a lost kid in need of’s the least favorite feeling of mine in the whole fucking world.i am hell not some fucking lost kid in the world.



2 responses to “Me and my cryfests.

  • trina

    I CRY….ok……a lotttttt

    People make fun of me as well…lets go n watch a romcom….u will c how much i cry

    I cry watching Animated movies…as well…

    but who cares….u shouldn’t either

  • sghosh007

    @trina: you’re a real honey:). yeah lets. I have When Harry met Sally and Four Weddings and a Funeral queued up.

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