I went to watch a movie today.


Really there’s no big deal about it that I have to dedicate a valuable part of the blogoshere to its description.You see,I wanted to watch Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince badly but half the people with whom I wanted to go had alreayd seen it at times when i wasn’t available and the other half don’t want to see it.So finally I gave up.i woke up today at 9,said to myself that girl,the world is treating you bad these days(which maybe true to some extent,come to think of it),so you deserve a break.

And I had a jolly good time.I bought myself popcorn and cold coffee and cheeseburger(yes you can laugh and sneer at my unhealthy unholy appetite.I really don’t care).I sat between a tiny excited kid and a shrivelled old lady,both of whom were raving about Harry and were at least a 100 times more knowledgeable about the book than me(which is not to say that I don’t know what happens.I had just forgotten it mostly).And it was kind of embarassing when I,having forgotten why Harry isn’t able to get water from the cauldron-like thingy,asked the old lady and pat came the reply…well,you don’t know?? Harry collects it from the pond and the moment he touches the water,he’s attacked by the inferis..you know..the dead bodies cursed by the Dark Lord… and I was like…okay..sorry I asked…

And honestly,watching a Harry Potter movie is like reliving the memories of reading the book for the first time.The kid and I were almost on the edge of our chair with excitement,we muttered,we discussed fervently,we half-shouted the spells and the kid’s mum was dusgusted.

I had fun today.Really good fun.I gave myself a treat and enjoyed it all immensely.I have a sneaky feeling I am going to do it again i.e. to be out for a treat all by myself.This way,if oneday,due to circumstances I find myself alone and isolated for sometimes,I won’t be too depressed knowing fully that it’s just a phase and soon people will come back.

I love spending time with myself =). I am a narcissist.Shoot meeeeee.

P.S: I think I shouldn’t have read the seventh book before watching the movie.The entire purpose of evoking a sense of  loathing towards Snape just fails.I’m supposed to hate him with all my heart.Yet I end up drooling at him with an awed reverence.

And yes,I cried again when Dumbledore died.


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