Random ranting

This is going to be a rant post.A characteristic Libran rant at that.Brace yourself.

For starters, I am hungry.Some people have apparently made up their minds that 10 pm is the appropriate time to drop by for ‘evening’ chitchats.Now I don’t  mind the latter.People are welcome anytime.But if they turn out to be like those who look at you condescendingly if you have your dinner in front of them and give you a hell lot of attitude,then it’s a problem.Not for me.I am shameless.For my mother who simply ignores me like I am a black beetle or something( I think that’s not correct.People don’t ignore beetles,do they?or else they’ll bite no?).Now I know I’m 20 and quite capable of serving dinner to my now-famished self but then I refrain.Lazy? no.Scared.why?then? indifferent.Not to the growing angry rumble in my empty stomach.To the ironies of life.how profound(read: lame)

Okay and I have to wake up at 5 tomorrow and drive all the way to the club,dodging semi-drunk and equally sleepy truckies and autowallahs,being harangued by the Father for driving too slow and the Mother for driving too fast.And then in the club,a group of fat,middle-aged,rich Bengali ladies will blabber,cackle hysterically,bitch about this and that and advise the sleepy countenance that is me to quit swimming as it will ruin my complexion and “….nobody will marry you….” . And I’m too dazed to even balk at their suggestions.Or tell them as politely as possible to mind their own friggin business if they have any.Damn! this is one of the major drawbacks of sleep-deprivation.you cannot come up with the right bitchy words when needed.

I decided that one thing which I’d love to be apart from an enterpreneur/ scuba-diver/wind-biker/swimmer/figure skater/photographer/hilltop coffee-shop owner/adventure sports club owner/NASA astronaut/NSA cryptographer/CIA or DARPA scientist is a travelogue writer.A freelance travel-writer.There’s nothing to elaborate on this.

I loved Chetan Bhagat’s third book. I heard some really mixed reviews about it.But I loved it,inspite of the fact that it gets a bit over-the-top in the end.I am a very uncritical reader.I like any book that ends on a positive note.Something happy,something peaceful,not particularly distinguished or something but like..just happy.So I love books which have been trashed by other people,whose opinions matter in this regard.And I think Chetan Bhagat is plain witty,with a dry sarcastic sense of humor which appeals to me.He can laugh at himself,at his expense,at silly otherwise mundane situations,he creates an image which is common to us,something we are familiar with.Somewhere in between high-brow literature(I don’t read much.I am quite a peasant you see),his books are like a breath of fresh air.

I finally got over my Facebook addiction.phew! But I like going through people’s albums.

I have John Grisham’s The Testament,A Time To Kill and Jeffrey Archer’s Honour Among Thieves to read at the moment.Finished reading Bringing Down The House and I’m contemplating to give up studies and join a group of card-counters and hit the casinos.Read this book by Ben  Mezrich if you can and if the idea of casino scams interest you.or watch the movie 21 based on the book.but watch it BEFORE reading the book.because otherwise you’ll end up finding the movie uninteresting and I dont want to be blamed for it.And by the way if anybody has Not a Penny More,Not a Penny Less,can he/she please lend it for some days?

Okay I’m broke like shit.I hate McDonalds.and Oxford.They burn a hole in my pocket evertime I go to Park Street.

To some people who think I’m perennially loaded,


Anyway,enough of this,I am exhausted.A frenzied pace of writing doesn’t bode well with an empty stomach.And I think these people will leave in 5 minutes.They have been saying this for the past 30 minutes that they’ll leave in 5b minutes.But I still have hope.

So goodnight.Au revoir.


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