To Mandy

I want my friend Monidipa Mondal to write a poem for me one day. I’ll tell her a story and she’ll weave poetic verses out of it.

@Mandy:  This idea may seem outrageous as I don’t know whether it is actually feasible or it is decent/polite enough to suggest someone something like this.You see I don’t have anything remotely resembling a  poetic streak in me.And Mandy who is a mind-numblingly brilliant poet(horribly expressed but you understand,don’t you?) and creates magic with her words can do justice to my story.It is not particularly happy or exciting.It may seem boring and dragged at parts.That’s why I want her to turn it into something beautiful.Something that stays in your mind long after you’ve read it.On rainy evenings.Winter afternoons.In summer breeze.Not something that’s reeking of spelling typos,wrong English,horrible inadequate expressions etc.

Thank you Mandy,assuming you’ll agree to it.


One response to “To Mandy

  • Monidipa

    as i said, i\’m still a little dazed by this post. i do need to know you much, much better before i dare to try it (and i\’ll be delighted, of course), but i will. certainly. 🙂

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