I got a new haircut! yay! at last I got rid of my stupid wild long mane.I went to Sunflower,harassed the haircutting lady(I cannot come up with an appropriate word at the moment) with instructions.My mother sat and sulked at one corner.A Punjabi lady with butt-length hair like mine gaped at me,aghast,about to deposit a slap on my cheeks and having a hard time reminding herself that I am not her offspring.But yay..I have short-cropped hair now.It’s so damn comfortable.I can take a bath and not fret over the hair not drying on time.Yipppey!

I told you I was hypomaniac.I tend to be hyper-happy about simple things.But I am glad I got a haircut.It makes me look like a schoolkid-a naughty one at that.I also went shopping with Reah the other day and splurged on food and clothes.I am crazy about shopping.I wish I had all the money in the world sometimes.

This is the most randomest of all random posts.I am having flattened rice with milk now.Confused? it’s Doodh+chinre!. We were taught in class 7 that muri is ‘puffed rice’ and chinre is ‘flattened rice’. And yeah,I am jobless enough to tell you all this now.I am going to Choi’s place today finally after what seems a decade.And I’m trying to call someone who’s either sleeping or kept his phone in silent mode and forgotten all about it.

At this rate,I will start telling you that I have a curry-stain on my tee.So better I sign out.Take care all of you.Happy New Day.


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