Pining for a vacation

I am in a very vile mood right now. Most of my friends are vacationing away out of Kolkata.Ching left for Puri today.Not that I grudge her this long-desired break, but I want mine too.I am tired of this city,this place,my room,my couch.I want to go as much away from Kolkata as possible.Possibly to Sikkim.or Shimla.or Bangalore.To trek from Hee to Versey.Or go parasailing to Goa.Anywhere away from this mad city with its irritating weather and maddening crowd.



One response to “Pining for a vacation

  • saumyashree

    Oi shala, am back *hug*
    7th na ashley dhore marbo. I want to get a hug fom you in person on the 7th. And you gotta walk all the way to my place to give that special hug. Do you get what I mean?

    Now that am back, retard kothakarer, etobar missed call dichchi, bojho na keno? This is the problem of making love to math, physics, etc, etc. Lets meet up, pliss. I’ll die if I don’t get to see you, Choi in a week or so.

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