Okay I take back my words. The day wasn’t all that great. To remain holed up inside a room without tv, almost no food, nothing interesting to read and the incessant thunder forbidding you to step outside isn’t my idea of a great day. I was watching a particularly sombre-delightful movie Stranger than Fiction  and was also planning to watch I’m Not There but the cable lines went haywire owing to some technical storm-induced problems and I was left with only three friggin channels out of 30 -Astha TV, our local cable and some Sahara Music or something like that where an obnoxiously fat and drunk Amitabh Bacchan tugged at Smita Patil’s saree and sang Aaj rapat jayee.  Okay so this was their idea of serenading and professing love back then?That too in the middle of the streets,in the rain amidst inebriated truckies?..Not my business but I won’t refrain from saying….Bloody lecher.

Astha TV was doling its usual dose of low-living-divine-thinking moral preachings.But the most hilarious things I ever saw on the cable channel.I thought it was The Jungle Book or something but after sometime it turned out to be The story of Adam and Eve in Hindi! Where Adam is called ‘ Adom’ and Eve for some inexplicable reason is ‘Hawa’. They spent their days,running about in the Garden of Eden,nude and hand in hand.They had no idea about sex and whatsoever.Then one day,they were tempted to have an apple which lead to their arousal and they made love underneath a tree. And while doing so, they ran…I mean yes…they ran.. flailing their hands and jumping and…err…yes while at it.If you have a hard time imagining this, trust me I had an equally hard time digesting what I saw!And some very famous Bollywood singer of the 70’s-80’s was describing it all like….jo nehi karna tha woh kar dala… ! 

All these cheered me up immensely.But nevertheless the day was bad bad bad! And yes, I second my friend Ritchik…Aila is a stupid ‘Hindi film’is name for a cyclone.I mean what?? Aila is like …remember the tapori  movies of the 90’s? a ganjee-and tattered boxers clad semi-drunk hero with a red hanky around his neck would ogle at some girl and say…ailaa kya cheese hain… it’s like that!

I am happy that the bright sunny cool weather is back and we feel human enough to step outside.Too much of anything isn’t good.


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