I am so confused between Engineering and Management. I want to be an enterpreneur.I find the whole concept of being in charge of everything and being the ultimate decision-maker very fascinating.Though contrary to the popular notion,enterpreneurship is not about exercising your supreme control over everything.There’s a lot of dicipline,a lot of rules and regulations as well.People are discouraging me left and right,They claim none of my parents were enterpreneurs so I’ll be no good at it.But my point is at one point of time,all enterpreneurs must have had non-enterprenuer parents.Like I don’t think Ghanshyam Das Birla or N.R. Narayana Mutrhy’s parents were successful enterpreneurs worth the name.

I am confident I can make it.Run my own business or join and existing one.I love it all.


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  • Julychild

    none of my parents are entrepreneurs either, and i’m intending to take the leap. what people often forget that entrepreneurship often takes as much creativity and innovativeness as, say, different forms of art. especially theatre, if you think about it. and it is often as much fun.

    i’m also sort of hoping, though, that entrepreneurship doesn’t necessarily require an mba, because i’m not intending to do one. but go ahead with it if you want. don’t listen to other people. they’re always afraid of what they themselves cannot dream. 🙂

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