Babbling in the Rain

It’s raining cats and dogs outside.There’s a lovely cool breeze rustling through the leaves.There’s an occasional gust of wind lashing against your face,ruffling your hair et all.The smell of rainsoaked earth makes me dizzy whenever I take a deep breath.The radio station chooses to play Rehna Tu  and other soft tracks at the moment which doesn’t help one to regain composure and start working on whatever he/she wants to.Like i want to format my pc but the rain and these songs keep on distracting me.I know I have an option to switch off the radion but for once I think this momentary insanity and distractions have got the better of my common sense.I want to go out and get drenched.Have steaming hot creamy coffee with chocolate fudge cakes at sidewalk cafes,croon with delight with someone strumming Banana Pancakes on an old acoustic guitar,listen to songs by A.R. Rahman,walk like crazy,prance on the roads and splash water on random strangers,wave my umbrella and hang from the sides of a lamp-post Singing in the Rain style,feel the raindrops on my cheeks,breathe deeply and take in the smell of the rainsoaked leaves and earth that’s so intoxicating.It’s one of those moments that urges me to do inanely crazy stuffs like jump from a cliff to nothingness,overlooking a lush green valley amidst the snow-capped mountains.Okay I am not exactly making sense but you get the drift.I am pining for Love Actually and When Harry met Sally,John Denver and Joni Mitchell.I want my own Rainsong. I am in an uncharacteristically mushy mood!This is what the rain does to me.

Okay,enough babbling.Ignore my babbling and enjoy the rain.


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